GCDES - 12518 Merritt RD

12518 Merritt Road
Chardon, Ohio 44024-9049

(440) 285-2222, 564-7131, 834-1856, Extension 2170
Direct Line:  (440) 279-2170
Administrative Fax:  (440) 286-1023
Operations Fax:  (440) 285-7016

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Department of Emergency Services

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Employee Listing

Below is a brief history of each staff member along with their e-mail address and phone number.  You can e-mail or call any member of the Department of Emergency Services.

Dale B. Wedge,
Dale has a background in police and fire fighting and has attented Kent State University and many State and Federal courses.
E-Mail:  dwedge@co.geauga.oh.us
Phone:  (440) 279-2172
Roger Peterson,
Deputy Director - Planner
Roger has over 25 years in public service with a background in Fire, EMS and Nursing. Roger has also served as an Emergency Planner in the private sector.  He is very active with his community and family.
E-Mail:  rpeterson@co.geauga.oh.us
Phone:  (440) 279-2171
Judith A. Oberstar,
Administrative Secretary
Judy has been with the agency for over fifteen years and is very active in her community, church, and schools.
E-Mail:  joberstar@co.geauga.oh.us
Phone:   (440) 279-2175
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