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Microfilm Program
Preservation-quality microfilm services

The microfilm program at the Geauga County Archives and Records Center is located at 470 Center Street, Building 8D (Foundation Level).

Preservation quality microfilm services are provided to all county offices, agencies and departments with no labor charge.

The department is responsible for purchasing the film, as well as its processing and duplication.

 For an introduction to microfilm, see Basic Introduction to Micrographics. All microfilm produced meets the standards of Preservation Microfilm as set by American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Services provided include:

  • Appraisal for microfilming
  • Preparation of collections for microfilming
  • 16mm microfilming
  • Quality control services
  • Training in microfilming and quality control
  • Vendor liaison

For more information about microfilm services, contact Eleanor Behm at (440)279-1774 or via e-mail

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