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Business Permit Process

Before issuing the building permit, the county requires the following permits:

  1. A Zoning Permit from the Village/Township where work is proposed
  2. A Drive/Culvert Permit
  3. Approval Letter/Permit from Geauga Soil and Water
  4. EPA/Water Resources Sewage Permit
  5. Floodplain Permit, issued by (Geauga County Building Department)
  6. Three complete set of construction documents

The Geauga County Building Department has provided this outline as a guideline only, permitting may vary depending upon the type of project.

  1. Drive/Culvert Permit:

    Geauga County Engineer
    12665 Merritt Road
    Chardon, Ohio 44024
    Phone:  440-279-1800
    Fax:  440-285-9864
  2. Water Management and Sediment Control Plan:

    Geauga Soil and Water Conservation District
    14269 Claridon-Troy Rd.
    Burton, Ohio 44021
    Phone:  440-834-1122
    Fax:  440-834-0316

    The regulations currently state:
    1. All construction sites where earth disturbing activities are proposed on land disturbing one acre or more, or where earth disturbing activities are proposed on sublots within platted subdivisions, must submit a Water Management and Sediment Control (WMSC) Plan.
    2. All Geauga County residents are responsible for knowing and complying with the regulations whether or not a plan is required.
    The District inspects construction sites to ensure that they are adhering to the rules established in the Water Management and Sediment Control Regulations.  The District has the authority to issue a stop work order to gain compliance with the aforementioned regulations.

    Notification:  The Geauga SWCD shall be notified 48 hours prior to commencement of earth-disturbing activities for all approved commercial, industrial or residential development, regardless of acreage.  The Geauga SWCD shall also be notified upon project completion.
  3. Water/Sewer/EPA Permits:

    Northeast District Office
    2110 E. Aurora Rd., Twinsburg, Ohio 44087
    Phone:  330-425-9171 Fax: 330-487-0769

    Geauga County Department of Water Resource
    470 Center Street, Building 3, Chardon, Ohio 44024
    Phone:  440-279-1970 Fax: 440-285-9549

    Geauga County Health District
    470 Center Street, Building 8, Chardon, Ohio 44024
    Phone:  440-279-1900

    Ohio EPA:  To ensure that the commercial sewage systems are operating properly and/or prevent the development of a hardship situation, the Ohio EPA needs to be involved in the following situations for facilities with their own sewage treatment system:
    1. New buildings designed for occupancy that will generate a wastewater stream.
    2. Building expansions whether they involve new wastewater streams or not.  This is necessary to ensure that the expansion will not disrupt the existing sewage system or future reserved replacement areas (for on-site disposal).
    3. Issuance of new or higher classification of food establishment or food license (i.e. Upgrading from FE to Class I).
    4. Interior remodeling of existing structures or building conversion from residential to commercial use.
  4. Zoning Permits

    Zoning permit must be obtained prior to requesting building permit. Names and Addresses of County Zoning Inspectors.  Zoning resolutions can be obtained by contacting the zoning inspectors for the township/village/city wherein the construction will take place.
    County Zoning Maps
  5. Building Permits
    Floodplain Program
    Property Locator (including aerial and floodplain overlay)

    Commercial Application Requirements

    4101:2-1-17 Construction Documents, When Required:

    Where the OBC is applicable under Rule 4101:2-1-09 of the Administrative Code and before a building or addition to a building is constructed or erected, and before a building is altered or relocated, or building equipment is installed therein, or there is a change of occupancy, construction documents relating to the work and equipment under consideration shall be prepared in conformity with Rules 4101:2-1-19 and 4101:2-1-20 of the Administrative Code and submitted to the building official for inspection.

    4101:2-1-18 Construction Documents, When and Where to File:

    Construction documents shall be submitted in triplicate.

    4101:2-1-19 Construction Documents to be Adequate:
    1. Construction drawings required shall be drawn to scale and shall be sufficiently clear, comprehensive, detailed, and legible when submitted to the building official so that, together with any accompanying construction documents, a person who is competent in such matters can determine whether or not the proposed building, addition, or alteration, and all proposed building equipment will conform in safety and sanitation to all applicable provisions of the OBC.
    2. Construction documents for all buildings shall designate the occupancy, type of construction, suppression system occupancy hazard classification and fire resistance rating of all structure elements as required by this code.  The construction documents shall include data substantiating all required fire resistance ratings.
    3. Construction documents shall indicate how penetrations will be made for electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and communication conduits, pipes, and systems, and shall also indicate the materials and methods for maintaining the required structural integrity, fire resistance rating, and fire stopping.
    4. Construction drawings, when submitted to the building official for review shall be in standard multiples of eight and one-half inches by eleven inches or nine inches by twelve inches MINIMUM in size and shall include
      1. An index of drawings located on first sheet.
      2. A plot plan showing street location; the location of the proposed building and all existing buildings on the site; including setback and side yard dimensions; distance between all buildings; and location and size of all utility lines.
      3. Floor plans, including plans of full or partial basements or cellars and full or partial attics or penthouses.  Floor plans must show all relevant information such as door swings, stairs and ramps, windows, shafts, etc.; and must be sufficiently dimensioned to describe all relevant space sizes.  Wall materials must be described by crosshatching (with explanatory key), by notation, or by other clearly understandable method.  Spaces must be identified by code appellation, i.e., an “auditorium” may not be identified as “meeting room” if its size and function dictates that it is an auditorium;
      4. All elevations necessary to completely describe the exterior of the building including floor to floor dimensions;
      5. Cross section, wall sections and detail sections, to scale, as may be required to describe the general building construction including wall, ceiling, floor and roof materials and construction; and details which may be necessary to describe  typical connections, etc;
      6. Complete structural description of the building on the above drawings including size and location of all principal structural elements and a table of live loads used in the design of the building and computations, stress diagrams and other data sufficient to show correctness of plans;
      7. Complete description of the mechanical, electrical and fire protection systems
      8. Additional graphic or text information as may be reasonably required by the building official to allow him to review special or extraordinary construction methods or equipment
    4101:2-1-20 Construction Documents, Required Evidence of Responsibilty
    1. Required construction documents, when submitted for inspection as required under Rule 4101:2-1-17 of the Administrative Code, shall bear the identification of the person responsible for their preparation and for the provisions for safety and sanitation shown therein.
    2. Construction documents, when submitted for inspection as required under Rule 4101:2-1-17 of the Administrative Code, shall bear the seal of a registered design professional pursuant to section 3791.04 of the Revised Code.

      Geauga County Building Department
      470 Center Street, Building #8-C
      Chardon, Ohio 44024-1071
      Phone:  440-279-1780
      Fax:  440-285-2237

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