Coroner's Office

12450 Merritt Road
Chardon, Ohio 44024

(440) 285-2222, Extension 2165
Newbury and Burton Residents:
1-888-714-0006, Extension 2165
Direct Line:  (440) 279-2165
Fax:  (440) 285-5390


John Urbancic, Coroner

  • Qualifications:  Must be a licensed physician in the state of Ohio for at least two years preceding his/her election or appointment.
  • Duties/Authority:  Investigates the CAUSE, MODE & MANNER of death when a person dies as a result of criminal or other violent means, by casualty, by suicide, or in any suspicious manner, or when a person, including a child under two years of age, dies suddenly when in apparent good health.
  • May perform (or cause to be performed) autopsies, toxicology tests, and radiology exams as part of the investigation
  • May testify in court as an expert witness of cause(s) of death.