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Keeping Geauga County Safer
Through Preparedness

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Geauga County DES Strategic Plan

The purpose of this Strategic Plan is to guide and direct the activities and expenditures of the Department of Emergency Services (DES) personnel and funds to accomplish the mission of continuing to develop and maintain the county's capabilities to mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from all types of natural, man-made, and technological disasters through well prepared first responders, citizens, private sector businesses, and volunteer organizations, ensuring an efficient and effective Emergency Management System.

Geauga County Emergency Operations Plan

The Geauga County Emergency Operation Plan provides Geauga County with Annexes and Standard Operating Guidelines on how county resources will be utilized to support local communities in the event of a man-made, natural, or technological emergency.

Geauga County Radiological Emergency Response Plan

The Geauga County Radiological Emergency Response Plan provides Geauga County working with Ashtabula and Lake Counties; the ability to coordinate a tri-county emergency involving the Perry Nuclear Power Plant through the Plan and supporting Standard Operating Guidelines. The Federal Emergency Management Agency requires by law that this Plan be tested and graded every two years.

Geauga County Chemical Emergency Response Plan

The Geauga County Chemical Emergency Response Plan provides Geauga County with the ability to respond to those Extremely Hazardous Substance Facilities within Geauga County and the ability to utilize the Plan to also respond to incidents involving hazardous materials. It is a requirement of the State of Ohio that this Plan be tested on a yearly basis with a facility that houses Extremely Hazardous Substances.

Geauga County Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan

The Geauga County Hazard Mitigation Plan was created to protect the health, safety, and economic interests of Geauga County residents and businesses by reducing the impacts of natural hazards through mitigation planning, awareness, and implementation. The plan serves as the foundation for hazard mitigation activities and actions within Geauga County.