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Keeping Geauga County Safer
Through Preparedness

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National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS) check current status

Terrorism Funding Project Status

The Geauga County Commissioners, by resolution, created a Board to oversee Homeland Security Funding. This Board, made up of private and public officials, has looked at Terrorism Funding as a way to distribute monies to best prepare Geauga County for disasters.


The Terrorism Task Force ensured that each fire department has an emergency generator to ensure that in the event of a localized emergency, citizens could go to their local fire department until such time that a large care center facility is open. For those communities that do not have a fire department within their community, a generator was or is currently being supplied to their township / village halls.

Geauga County Hazmat Team

The Hazmat Team is under the authority of the Geauga County Fire Chiefs' Association and responds to any request for assistance from any Geauga County fire department. Terrorism Funding has provided these team members with equipment to respond to many hazmat incidents in Geauga County including the Auburn Township confined space rescue.

Interoperable Communications

Geauga County was able to purchase some digital radios so that our safety forces can communicate with adjacent communities in the event of a disaster or a call for mutual aid.

As the Sheriff's Office continues to upgrade the 800 MHz Radio System upon authorization of the Geauga County Commissioners, these radios will be used when the next generation upgrade takes place.