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Engineer's Office

- PD20 -
Caves Road Resurfacing

Contract awarded to Ronyak Paving, Inc.

Construction to begin on/about August 10, 2020

Duration is approximately 30 days

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Map and information by Geauga County Deputy Engineer Shane Hajjar
Office of Joe Cattell, Geauga County Engineer
Project Name:
The Asphalt Resurfacing of Sections A-D of Caves Road, CH 30
Contract Number:
Chester and Russell Townships, Geauga County
Construction Cost Estimate:
Bid Date:
May 27, 2020 1:45 PM
Low Bid:
Ronyak Paving Inc
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Final Contract Amount:
No Final Amount Entered
Maintenance of Traffic:

Traffic Maintained

Project Description:

The milling and resurfacing of 4.20 miles of Caves Road from Kinsman Road, SR87 to Mayfield Road, US322